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We bring patients, doctors, nurses and other health professionals together, instead of separating them into tribes.

The College of Medicine combines scientific knowledge, clinical expertise and the patient’s own perspective. We seek to re-define what good medicine means − renewing the traditional values of service, commitment and compassion and creating a more holistic, patient-centred, preventative approach to healthcare.

This is not just a 'nice to have' vision.  A rising number of older people, and a smaller amount of money available to serve them means that the NHS cannot continue as it is. 

We believe that it is only by working in partnership with patients that health services can deliver real excellence, whether in the clinical care of individuals, or planning and designing healthcare for populations, or in improving public health.



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What we are doing

Through our events, innovators network, faculties and councils and papers, we are creating practical examples of what the NHS of the future should look like.  We also offer networking opportunities and substantial discounts to members who want to help create our vision and realise their own.

Preventative care

The focus is on how we can improve health and well-being, instead of waiting until people are sick before we help them. We have an open mind on the best, most clinically and cost effective solutions. Where there is a good evidence base, that means we are prepared to consider complementary as well as orthodox interventions, especially in the treatment of long-term conditions for which science has yet to provide a cure.


We invite you to join us now, and become part of a revolution in health.