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Homeless people averagely die in their early 40s. We work towards a complete service that helps people to heal away from the streets.

The College of Medicine is very pleased to be working with Professor Aidan Halligan and Dr Nigel Hewett of London Pathway to improve the care of homeless people.

London Pathway's King's Cross based clinic is a constant demonstration of what works and a place for exploring new improvements.  We welcome people from a range of healthcare professions to join us and bring your expertise to our vital work.



Perspectives on the Homeless patient
Professor Aidan Halligan and Dr Nigel Hewett discuss why homeless people get discharged with no-where to go and no prospect of dealing with their health problems. They explain how better integration between services can be a lifesaver.

NEW: Homeless health standards for NHS commissioners
Homeless people testify to a significantly lower level of care than the general population. Read our detailed report for NHS commissioners, explaining how the health service is expensively failing the homeless and what needs to be done to improve the situation.

More about the Homeless Care Faculty
Read about the ideas underpinning our work

BMJ paper on the work of London Pathway - October 2012
A general practitioner and nurse led approach to improving hospital care for homeless people. Nigel Hewett, Aidan Halligan and Trudy Boyce.

London Pathway

London Pathway is one of our chosen Innovation projects.  Combining a GP with a hospital nurse and four volunteers, the service sees 270 homeless people per year, many of them rough sleepers. Read more about the project here.  Visit the London Pathway website.


Who's Who in the Faculty

Find out more about our Faculty members and read our invitation to participate in this vital work.